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Monday, August 5, 2013

Vitamin D Levels

About a month ago my Vitamin D test came back as a 30 in a range of 30-60. It was fairly low, and needed some help. After I started a supplement of 5,000 units a day, I started having more energy, and feeling better. I have noticed a significant impact of the Vitamin D on my energy and symptoms of the Lyme since I paused the IV therapy. I recommend everyone to check their levels and start a high dose D Vitamin to at least see how they feel after a week. I noticed a significant change in the first  3 days, more energy, higher spirits, more motivation. I sleep well at night, but not as long, and I get stuff done in the daytime. It's worth a try, I have been working and exercising and keeping out straight busy, yet I am not going downhill, in a wheelchair, having spasms, etc. That is a really good sign after the past 2 years I have had. I am embracing it and living life to the fullest, and making sure to take all my medicines on time! A pill a day keeps the fatigue away.... maybe? I'd be interested in hearing everyones feedback on how this works, please comment here if you do try it!


  1. Elaina,

    I'm so glad to hear the Vitamin D is helping you. It's something I also supplement with and believe it makes a big difference in how I feel. A few fellow Lyme disease patients have mentioned that they have low or borderline Vitamin D levels, and I'm hoping that your blog entry will convince them to try supplementing -- something I haven't been able to convince them to do (at least not yet).

    I recently came across a good article about the importance of Vitamin D, and I'll post the link later if I can find it.

    Thanks for sharing this great news! Here's hoping that your health continues to improve.


    p.s. One cautionary note is that anyone with known kidney disease needs to check with their doctor(s) first before taking Vitamin D supplements.

  2. Has your specialist mentioned Samento or Banderol to you Elaina?

    1. Yes but insurance doesn't cover either

  3. Hi Elaina, thanks for sharing your Lyme journey. I was positively diagnosed with Lyme and co infections less than a month ago. Basically my whole body hurt and I was chronically tired all the time. I decided to research some natural Lyme protocols and came across whole body iv ozone therapy as one option. I am happy to report that I have had no pain and much less fatigue since the first session. I am also going to do iv vitamin C, Rife machine sessions, ionic silver and the Cowden protocol which includes the herbs Banderol and Samento. I will let you know how it goes. The very best, Anand.

    1. Happy to hear the O3 is working! I was told about it before and have looked into it! Thanks for the insight!


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