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Monday, August 5, 2013

My New Experiences with the Miss NH Scholarship Program

Three weeks ago while at work, there was a beauty pageant hosted on a local level, with 8 female contestants all looking gorgeous and around my age bracket. I got curious and asked questions about whether there was an entry fee. Before long I was signed up for a pageant. Fresh out of a committed relationship, I needed something to distract me and boost my self esteem while I overcame the heartbreak and the beauty pageant world fell into my path. Some of the pageants award scholarship money just for participating, but all are free and worth the try. I have met some amazing girls in my first two pageants, along with winning $500 in scholarship money and gaining experiences and confidence of a lifetime, all in just 3 weeks! I have been doing well, my talent being rifle spinning, my platform of lyme disease awareness and interview skills at the forefront of my success. One day I hope to win a local title, where I will progress to the Miss NH stage, and maybe sometime between now and me turning 24 years old I will even get the honor of representing the state of New Hampshire and getting some things changed for Lyme Disease Awareness as Miss New Hampshire. The chance to gain the scholarship money inspires me to look into a long time passion of being a vet. Without going to 8 years of school, I can get my associates in Vet Technology and one day specialize in horses or zoology or exotic animals, all things I'm so passionate about. I believe this is what I want to do for my steady career, along with pursuing the Damsel In Defense business on the side and training horses. Even when I feel like my life is shooting into 15 different directions I try to recenter myself and realize that I am doing really well and overcoming Lyme Disease for a purpose, and one of these many directions I'm going will be the greatest thing to happen in my life, and affect the lives of those around me in a positive way. So I persevere and give each direction my all, waiting for the 'pay day' of sorts where I can see it fall into place and know the purpose of all things I have suffered and struggled with, yet grown from.

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