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Thursday, June 6, 2013

IV Treatment Paused

I have become increasingly worse the entire time I have been on IV Clindamycin through my port. The side effects of acne, stomach problems, and increased yeast were too much to be worth the worsening symptoms over the month of May. When I saw my Lyme Doctor recently he suggested we take a break from IV, leave the port in and de access it, and wait the summer trying oral medications to see what happens. So I can now swim, shower, go to my Civil Air Patrol encampment, all without the complications of the IV treatment. Hopefully I only get better, after starting the oral Tindamax, Zithromax, Minocin, and A Bart I have already been herxing for the first 3 days and trying to just push through. I start a 4 day work week next week, head to prom with a friend, as the temperature climbs and I'm trying to keep myself upright. On the plus side, I have an amazing connection with a horse I'm working with, a few solid friends, short shifts throughout the week, and many big dreams and goals for the summer. I am considering starting my own business in women's self defense weapons, continuing my horse related career, starting night courses in the fall to get my diploma in January, and meting people everyday through Civil Air Patrol (which I am now a Tech Sgt in), and working sales at Gunstock. Now just to wait and see where life leads me.

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