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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hearing Symptoms

I've had Lyme for 5.5 years now, and the majority of the time fought the same symptoms. The first few years was one cluster of symptoms, from joint aches and pains to stomach problems to dizziness, while the past few years have been another set of symptoms on top of those more commonly known. I've had coughing, muscle spasms, weakness, swelling/low circulation, heart palpitations, pain, double vision, even the more severe neurological symptoms of speech problems and walking difficulties. Never has it affected my ears until recently. I was on a treatment that included IV Vancomycin, known for its possible serious side effect of hearing loss, for a short amount of time. After the two months or so I went back to the Lyme Specialist complaining of ringing in my ears and short term hearing loss from one ear randomly. He stopped the Vanco immediately, worried about the long term implications. Since then, the past two months, I still have had hearing problems much the same but more frequently. Most of my symptoms have been blamed on Bartonella, and I'm not sure anymore if this is another Lyme/Bartonella Symptom or if there is some permanent damage from the treatment. Medications affet every person differently. What could be a side effect for one person could simply not occur in another person. Just the same, what could help one person could harm someone else, because the body is different. Where Vanco is one of the more strong medications on the market through IV for a treatment option, and was covered by insurance, it was a good thing to test out. My ear problems could very well be coincidentally new symptoms as my condition worsened over the past few months. In time I'll know for sure, if the diseases go into remission and the symptoms diminish.

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