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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just wanted to share a post on how an unhealthy person can be a powerhouse when allowed even an inch of freedom from an illness. I completed nearly 6 weeks of schoolwork with an A at the end of the day in just 2 days! How AMAZING is that? Biology has been a course hanging over my head for an entire year of foggy brain days. I finally am beating it! I am winning this one, and I start a Physical Education course on Friday which should get me through another mandatory credit! My tutor is finally coming to keep me on track and we did a lab today and extracted DNA from peas and spinach. Such fun! Then I got to make a brochure on Babesia as a parasite which made me happy. I may have discovered the cause of my increasingly worsening symptoms over the past few weeks. My doctor's nurse called today (the LLMD) and took me off of all my antibiotics that I take orally because my liver test I do weekly to keep him up to date on it's function was extremely abnormal and concerning. We are going to retest in a week and possibly do another ultrasound on the liver if this medicine break doesn't fix the problem. It is a little concerning that I am having liver problems yet proceeding with life full force. My last horse show of this season is in two days, so I have to push through at least for that. Tomorrow I see another dermatologist to discuss the Hyperhidrosis on the back of my left hand and see what he might could do about it. Then I have a long day clipping my horse (shaving and cleaning) for the upcoming show and there will be no time to rest until the evening.

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  1. Elaina, we share the same story but I never "blogged" about my condition. Finally, it's a relief to find someone who understands what I'm going through. From all of your previous posts, I say you've been doing it for a long time. Kudos! Your posts are a source of inspiration not only to me but for everyone.

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