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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Liver Problems

The past month I have suffered sever nausea and spent some nights hanging over a bucket all night, as well as fatigue, migraines, dizziness, weakness, lack of appetite, weight gain, dehydration, bowel pain and discomfort, and we thought it was because of the switch of medicines. Now we find out from a call from the LLMD nurse that my liver levels are  fairly elevated, more than three times the normal amount. I was taken immediately off of all my oral antibiotics and put on Milk Thistle for liver support. I'm still nauseas and ill after a week so tomorrow we will see what the liver test comes back like for the second time and depending on the results I may have to get a liver ultrasound to make sure nothing is severely messed up in there. Maybe after we figure this road block out we will be able to get me feeling near normal. It's amazing to think that even with liver inflammation I have been horseback riding again for the first time in two years, working for four days, attending an outdoor music festival, blasting through schoolwork, and possibly even receiving a promotion in Civil Air Patrol this upcoming Thursday night.

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