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Friday, December 2, 2011

Moving Forward

Last Monday I got the clear from my Lyme Doctor and Tailbone Surgeon to move forward with my life. I got a job at Gunstock Ski area and will be starting in mid December. My first orientation is tomorrow! I finished Driver's Education and got my green slip last Tuesday, will be getting my license before my job begins. I started catching back up on World History and Earth Science work i was stuck on, almost completely finishing World History in two days, with higher than stellar marks. I've met a few friends along the way and started hanging out more with the people in my life, including overcoming a break up which was very emotionally challenging. Sickness can mask many feelings that a couple knows should be dealt with, but instead find it easier to just ignore. That was only one small thing I discovered about my new found health. Just last night I went to the Civil Air Patrol wing near me, and decided to join. Civil Air Patrol is a youth volunteer auxiliary of the Air Force and will lead me to being a part of Emergency Services and enlisting when I graduate High School into the Air Guard. I actually auditioned for a school wide talent show with my guitar and voice and made it, so I will be playing in front of the entire school, staff, and any parents or additional on lookers. I am so excited to be branching out to the world and exercising again. I feel alive and free, and at the same time I'm trying to hold myself back so I don't overdo myself because I'm still on the Picc line for my sixth month and coartem for my third month. I could at any point encounter a relapse, but a good friend of mine once said: "The secret to having it all is believing that you already do." (Jill Russel). I Believe I have all the health I need to make it the rest of my life satisfied, but the best part of being a teenager is actually being a teenager, so I'm eager to embrace this era.

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