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Monday, November 14, 2011

ILADS Conference and Finally Coinfection treatment that works!

One of my newer med.s I have been started on is Coartem, a prescription Artemesia product which you take 3 days out of the month to fight Bartonella. My Bart symptoms are noticeably worsened including air hunger, swollen feet, fatigue, and more after taking the Coartem for about a week. I am close to taking my third monthly round of Coartem and prepared to start detoxing the dead bugs intensely. Another new medicine that I was started on was Tindamax. When my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) went to the International Lyme and Associated Disease conference in Canada he learned a lot about pulsing the Tindamax to treat Babesia much like The IV Rocephin for Lyme. You take high doses 3 days a week and detox the other 4 days giving the bugs a hit and run chance. The minute they run they get hit again and after much cleaning and detoxing we can eliminate the bugs and their harmful toxins from the body. Aside from Tindamax he doubled my Rifampin which is a huge hit to the body and turns urine a deep orange color, and I actually believe that after all these things were added and increased I've started either having Gall Bladder or Spleen pain that's not pinpoint able.

A Plus side to the conference is my Vermont LLMD Spoke and showed one of my videos from an episode I had with prominent speech issues and tremors. So without knowing it, I'm famous :) Thousands of doctors got to learn from the mistakes of 10 illiterate ones.

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