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Monday, November 14, 2011

Recovery from Surgery NOT as Expected

When I arrived for surgery I was scheduled to be rolled into the OR at 4 PM. I Wasn't actually rolled in until about 5:15 PM due to a delay of doctor communication. Basically my PCP never sent over the note that she physically examined me and cleared me for surgery. By now we are very used to the mishaps between doctors and their disorganization.

The surgery went well. Final report was that the bone was fairly long and sharp and was twisting instead of curving causing extreme as I re-injured it endlessly by sitting, snowboarding, skiing, horseback riding, etc. As this was probably a genetic defect in the Coccyx itself , It was definitely nothing any other doctor could have helped and it was time for it to be removed and the area to properly heal. The procedure caused excess bleeding, more then normal, from inflammation of either the Lyme bacteria in the injured area or the tailbone injuring it continuously, but basically it bled a lot.

After the procedure I was in so much pain I didn't even want them to bring my mom in but I was rolling onto my stomach screaming as soon as I woke up from anesthesia. We stayed for 3 days with no answer for the pain and I fought the grueling hour and a half ride home from Lebanon in pain. Then I suffered through days on 6 mg of Hydromorphone (stronger then Morphine, 4mg is maximum recommended dose). Finally we took me off of Hydromorphone and raised my Ibuprofen level since its an anti inflammatory and I usually take 800 mg anyways. That was what made the most difference. I took Tylenol Cod #2 at night to get me through and faught the days until now, 3 weeks out, I have equal amount of pain as I suffered with for 2 grueling years before surgery. I am back in the driver's seat, preparing for the upcoming ski season, going for walks to begin to build my stamina slowly. Everything is falling into place with the tailbone recovery, now we just have to finish the rest of my recovery process.

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