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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picc Pain Passed

Its the third week of Rocephin treatments now. I notice no improvement other than the pain I had shooting down my elbow from the Picc procedure has diminished. It started getting better after 5 days of heat packs and ibuprofen. I'm much more comfortable with moving and using the arm now, and even sleeping on it. Though it took me 2 weeks to get a real shower and the wrapping it up process was not fun, I have adjusted. My mom does the IV treatments every 12 hours for 4 days a week. Shes comfortable with keeping it clean and we are careful not to get the tip dirty. We have a fold up light weight side table or TV tray that we cover with the medical sheet and use for our treatment area. When the weekly VNA (visiting Nurse) comes to change the bandage she likes to have an area to set up shop. We noticed problems with the little blue line kinking because the butterfly was not up high enough to keep it straight, and therefor I had troubles with the IV treatment for a week, but she fixed it so it doesn't kink and I can do things while getting my treatment. Having the Picc in is not the end of the world, its a challenge to not get it wet in the middle of the summer but it is manageable. Now I'm just trying to do visualizations and rest enough to let the medicine do its job.

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