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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lyme Awareness Month is Approaching

Lyme Disease Awareness Month is next month, May, which means that the support groups are ready to start events for it. My local Lakes Region Lyme Support group is meeting with the Governor soon for a photo op of him signing a proclamation that May is Lyme awareness month. On top of that there is continual work occurring on a NH bill to pass legislation that will protect doctors from treating Chronic Lyme Disease with long-term antibiotics. There is a Lakes Region Lyme Disease walk approaching where support members will walk through Laconia wearing their lime green to raise eyebrows. The Wall of Hope is approaching where Lyme members and support people will gather to attract attention and hand out information at the state house in Concord, NH. And on top of it all there is a very large conference with guest speakers and informational handouts along with a representative from Igenex Lab towards the end of May.

On my own calendar I have personal things like prom, and some Lyme awareness events I've put together. I've planned a school wide assembly with guest speakers at both my middle and high schools, presentations to science classes, and even a, Under Our Skin movie showing at the high school cafeteria. Its a great chance for me to speak out about how sick I am and help people grasp the basics of this terrible disease.

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