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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011

Hello again. I just wanted to update everyone on how miserable I am. I have been out of school for a solid 2 weeks and getting behind on my honors classes. My stomach has been agitated and I'm not exactly sure whats going on down there but I had another if not a few other Ovarian cysts that ruptured yesterday while I was in the shower. It hurt so bad that I was curled up in a ball on the shower floor almost unconscious, dizzied with the pain. The worst part was it didn't feel like pain but an overall cramp feeling that just disabled me. I have never felt pain like that before and after hobbling to my bed soaking wet and covered in soap, it subsided after 10 minutes. Now i just have general pain and nausea and even acid reflux from my shoulders to my hips. My lower abdomen hurts and aches and stabs when I move, and hurt worse when I lay on my side.

On top of that I've started having a general crampy feeling in other areas. My neck is achy, my hand started cramping up and spasming along with my feet. I feel almost like I have carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, rotator cuff issues, etc. It all just piles up and wears me down. I have sudden bursts of wanting to cry from a Lyme inflicted bout of depression and anxiety. I cant sleep 3/4 of the night and I lie staring at the ceiling. I've tried everything, darkening shades, increasing melatonin and valerian root, sound machines, the radio, keeping the cats out, sitting up more, laying down more, reading before bed, turning off all lights, turning on a light, drinking something warm, clearing my nose out, the list goes on. However, I just stare at the roof for hours on end.

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