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Monday, December 14, 2015

The love of My Life

It was a cool Saturday night in Georgia when I got in the passenger seat with my uncle to head to the movie theater in town. I was in jeans and a hoodie, nothing special really, but no need to dress special because it was just a night out with a friend and my uncle. I was nervous that the man coming to the theatre would already be there when we arrived and I wouldn’t recognize him from the brief picture I saw online. I was also nervous that he would be a total dweeb and end up embarrassing me with my uncle right there. All the emotions would build up and I would probably cry before the night was over. My anxiety was taking over and I felt my hand start sweating again. It was this darn annoying problem I had had since I was little. The most embarrassing dates usually ended with a sweaty hand holding experience and I would leave mortified. As we waited in the line with the breeze on our backs I searched my eye feverishly on the sea of faces in the line in front of us in hopes that if he saw me he would have come up to me and said something. I prayed he would show up. I prayed he would behave. I prayed he would not be a complete loser. I prayed he was not there sitting in his car staring at me from afar creepily while he planned his attack. My mind traveled then to attacks and the movie we were seeing. It was a busy night at the theatre and the line traveled further and further behind us down the sidewalk. Suddenly a face appeared in front of me with a puzzled expression. I stopped dead in my tracks and breathed with relief as the friend was now in front of me, and normal looking. From his hand a long stemmed rose extended towards me and my heart raced. I squeaked the first thing that came to my mind as my uncle turned around to see this happening: “You were supposed to be just as friends!” and he started a chuckle that I would grow to know so fondly. My uncle chastised me for shooting down a southern gentleman. That was how it all began. From there on we grew very close very fast. He helped me clean out my grandfather’s barn, he helped us herd cattle, he brought me out to dinners and we took long walks holding hands. He talked to me for hours on the phone while he was at home in Madison, Florida between working as a correctional officer. Within a few months we had talked about everything I could imagine, and I felt more comfortable with him then I had imagined. He started looking for a job near me and got hired instantly at the town police department. Then he had to move to Tifton and start doing the police academy that they sent him through. I saw him every weekend and sometimes even after work. It only took until March for him to take me back to the movie theatre at 11 pm one evening on our way back from his friend’s house that I had just met. He stopped the car and I pushed him to tell me what was going on. Like something from a dream he opened his car door and went around to mine. As his hand extended I unbelted my seat buckle and steppe out into the cool mist of the night. He led me to the sidewalk and told me how good it was to be back in the same spot he saw the woman of his dreams. Down on one knee I was asked to marry the love of my life and I squealed yes through the tears of joy. He held me and brought me home to tell my grandparents. I called my mom and talked her ear off about the wedding plans almost daily for months and months until the day arrive in August. It was supposed to be September 27th but through our time getting to know each other we found a house we liked just a few towns over and got my mother moved down here by July 11th. I didn’t see any need in waiting any longer. I was now working at the newspaper in town as the hospital ended up being a catastrophe. I got to invite all the employees from there and we got our venue for free at the local public park. The ‘park’ was actually a fishing area so we got married out on the end of the dock as ducks swam by and fish rolled beneath us. It was mystical and a perfect day. (I will post pictures and more about the wedding later.)

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