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Monday, December 14, 2015

How am I doing?

        In November of 2014, I made the life changing decision that I was miserable and needed to try something else to cope with my life stress. After a long day of college classes, equestrian team meetings, volunteering at the horse rescue center, and trying to visit some friends while suffering pain and aches, I told my mother I wanted to move to Georgia. It was a dream of mine I had talked about forever. I wanted to move to where it was warmer, with no snow. I wanted to have my own horse to ride daily. I wanted a barn with a loft I could sleep in on warm summer nights when my horse was sick. I wanted to clean water buckets and shovel shavings in my down time. Though it was an overwhelming idea, I wanted to work on a farm and be someone important in a small town in South Georgia where everyone knows everyone. So I did. A year ago if you asked me what I was going through I would say my worst part of everyday was having to attend college while feeling so ill. I had recovered partially from open heart surgery and was not back to myself, and the dawning winter was too much for my thin blood to battle. I was weak and struggling through the ‘greatest years of my life’ in college. I did not like the degree I had chosen. Though I wanted to advocate for kids with illness in hospitals, I did not want to learn about drug abuse counseling and take practice counseling sessions to have to get there. Today if you asked me what the worst part of my day is, it’s that I still have medical setbacks day to day that change and shape themselves into the biggest challenges I have had yet. It’s that I have to work to pay bills so I can enjoy the animals I have at my new home in South Georgia. That is a common struggle with all adults. I would say that I miss my husband when his shift goes back to nights every four months and I have to lay in bed alone at night. Yes you heard me, HUSBAND! My time in South Georgia has been full of change and developments every day that I never expected. I am surrounded by love, support, joy, and encouragement that I don’t think I deserve. I am okay with every aspect of my life, except for my chronic pain, fatigue, and complications that I still believe are caused by my relationship with Lyme Disease.

More than the fact that I am still so sick, there is much more to tell! I will start at the beginning of this series of posts to try and update what followers are left on where I have been this past year and what I have gone through.

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