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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heavy Pill Load

One thing that Lyme Disease pushes you to do is take many supplements and medications! This is something we all have to go through. It's stressful, and very pesky, but important to keep every system of the body working right, because there is also Lyme patients that don't do so well unless they get their pills! ;-)

I personally can relate to LOADS of pills, and the cumbersome task of swallowing every one of them, up to 5 times a day! Most of these include the supplements, vitamins, and herbs required to fight Lyme naturally. Others may be for assistance in the gastric system, organ function, or are just prescription medicine for different symptoms. I remember the day when I was told by my MD (this was when I was very young, before Lyme) that I would start swallowing pills from now on! It seemed like the end of the world!

I never could have prepared myself for the place I am at now with my professional pill taking skills! In the beginning it started under 10 pills a day, and when we reached 10 it was scary. As doses rose and kept the pill count climbing, it reached 11, then 15, 20, 25! We were shocked as we were told to take more and more types of pills, and the count varied, and rose again to 35 pills a day, and finally we decided to stop counting. As I now am at full doses of multiple herbs to fight the Lyme, and others to fight Co-infections, some to improve Liver function, and lower levels of acid in my stomach, and others for basic vitamins, it has become necessary to upgrade from the biggest pill box CVS was selling at the time, to a custom made box. A bead box that is MUCH bigger and labeled here at home, with much larger slots too! :-) The sad part about the upgrade, is that in the new box we have a tally of 61 pills every day! That averages out to about 15 pills per serving, and I have my 'pill meal' 4 times a day.

On a positive note, what a way to lose weight! Why don't we all just switch to pill diets! I am so full by the time I'm done this tedious task that I have learned to only eat about 2/3 of the proportion I could have ate. Then I still give myself 15-30 minutes for my food to settle since they make me so nauseous!

As you can tell I make fun of it, but when the moment comes to load my stomach with this number of pills I am not thrilled, in fact more annoyed than anything!

Sadly but surely, I can relate! So to those of you pill taking warriors, it's okay!

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  1. I can relate to that too! Even though at this point and time I'm only on about 10 different pills and three different tinctures three times daily, I have been on waaaaaaaay more in the past.
    Once when I was on a protocol, I smelled like garlic for a whole year because I was taking the equivalent of 36 bulbs a day! >.<
    It was horrible!


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