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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bicillin Injections

Last time I posted I was on a cocktail of herbs. I was taking about 35 pills daily. We determined that i was not getting the right improvement from the 'just herb' regimen, and we have chosen to add something to that!

I am now doing Penicillin Injections, which are a painful way of doing things but for some people can be more effective. They are deep intramuscular shots, so they are not like the oral antibiotics and are believed to be more concentrated, and they enter the body differently. might as well try it, right? Well this I have found to be pesky. I don't feel any better, my butt or 'hip' is always sore on one side or the other, and it's a shot every other day during the week! [The actual shot (for those who wonder) has a 1 1/2 in. needle, 2 CC.s or 2 ml. of thick ABX fluid, and is 'deep' muscular, meaning it is a very large shot. To give a comparison, the painful Tetanus shot is 1/2 CC of that painful fluid, this is four times that of a painful thick fluid. it also has 1/2 in. longer needle..... You can tell it is painful and long.] I requested for us to try the intravenous antibiotics, meaning the PIC Line, or IV fluid that goes directly into either my vein, or my heart. However we must try every other approach first!

I will be going back to my LLMD on the 17, so we'll see what he says about our check-up from the injection therapy.


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  1. Okay I cringed just reading that! O.o
    I've heard of the shots before, but never actually knew what they were.


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