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Friday, October 14, 2011

Walk Before You Run

As I start to feel better every month I am tempted to increase my activity level. After all, its healthy to be out and moving right? Well, I notice more crumby days then great, and I can tell I need to slow down. Even though (as long as I avoid fluorescent) the speech and walking isn't my main issue, I still have vertigo, fatigue, sleep problems, stomach pain, and achy joints. These are enough to keep me in bed on a bad day.

Its often seen that people who start to feel better want to act it and reach out to their previous activities including staying up late, avoiding naps, splurging from a diet, doing activities that are too strenuous like moving furniture, standing for half the day or the whole day, walking more then a mile straight, shopping under that terrible lighting for long periods of time, and forgetting their medicines. These are just things that send you right back downhill twice as hard. I know someone who was sick with Lyme for only a year and even though he felt better after a few months of treatment he still didn't resume to his regular activities until a full year later. Because he gave his body that much time to heal, he still to this day, 3 years later, has not had a single symptom and is resumed to being a star alpine ski racer and coaching his kids.

It's important to be patient at this stage, no matter how much you miss life or think you can handle it. Get little cheer people in on your plan to stay in bed for a month or two and to stay on the sidelines another few months, that way you have more than will power holding you back.

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