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Sunday, January 10, 2010


One thing I've noticed over the course of my Lyme Disease sufferings, is that I will suddenly get an urgent and curious case of the hiccups every now and then. I'll go for a week or less where I get hiccups MANY times a day that will last what feels like forever, and range in severity (these weeks come often spread very far apart, up to 5 weeks apart from each other). They are very annoying and pesky, and everyone has different ways to relieve such spasms. I call it a spasm (because I know there are wide varieties of spasms caused by Lyme Disease), but really as much as I'd like to think that it's a spasm of the diaphragm (or the muscle right beneath the lungs that flexes to cause breathing) it is a much more uncontrollable and widespread motion. I was very curious about this subject, so I did some research which led me to a very interesting and informational article:
This article speaks of what causes hiccups, what is a hiccup, and gives a very detailed and helpful idea on the layout of the hiccup. Hope it helps you some!

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  1. I'm recently diagnosed with LD too and along with my headache and other pain is severe bouts of hiccups.

    3 doctors of which 2 of them are lyme specialist have no comment when I told them about this.

    It is not that I am glad that you have it too, but it gives me a sense of relief that I am not alone.

    And your positive attitude towards this illness is very encouraging.

    I also rely on the Bible's promise of a paradise earth, where sickness and death will be no more. Revelation 21:4


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