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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GI Symptoms with Lyme Disease

One thing that ropes in with Lyme is multiple types and dimensions of GI ( gastro-intestinal) problems. There can be many sorts of pain in different areas throughout your entire GI track. I have experienced different symptoms of pain and problems for a very long time now, since I was 8 or 9, and all of it was worsened, we believe, by my Lyme infection. Since a very young age I had trouble with the fluid motion of my whole system, and keeping everything running smoothly. One thing we discovered after seeing the GI specialist was that I had acid reflux. Acid reflux is when the bodies esophagus muscles aren't strong enough to hold the stomach's acid where it belongs. This causes pain, 'heartburn', nausea, and irritation of the esophagus. I had mostly an issue with 'heartburn' and nausea, some vomiting at late night hours when I was lying in bed, and the acid was worse. I have taken multiple medicines to reduce the amount of stomach acid over the years, and have had to prop myself up at night. Since I got Lyme the GI track has been far more irritated, and I've had to have a special bed that mechanicaly inclines like a hospital bed, to encourage the acid to stay down (thank you gravity). I am most recently on Axid, which works more with encouraging the bodies natural ability to hold down acid and food with a small sphincter-like muscle at the top of the stomach, between stomach and esophagus. It does also reduce acid, called an acid inhibitor, or antacid. This is a prescription medicine.

I originally in April or May of 2008 wnet in for an endoscopy to see why the stomach was hurting so much worse since October 2007, when I got sick. They discovered multiple ulcers numbering up to 10. his was gtreated with antibiotics in case of H-pylori (bacteria can be in stomach, treated for it even though it was negative, I had it in the past in a stool test, and we treated it then too.) and other soothing medicines to heal the ulcers. Today, July 29 of 2009, over a year later I went back in for another endoscopy to see that the ulcers were gone, and the upper GI system is doing good. The axid is proved to be helping me.

I can't say that my stomach will stay well, as I am still on hard core treatments for Lyme and coinfections and don't plan to be well soon, but it is encouraging to know I am doing a little better in at least one area! :-)


  1. Keep trucking! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you're closer now than you ever have been! I hope the treatments help and make you feel better.

  2. I am glad to hear that there is someone else suffering from my same symptoms (not glad that you are having these problems, obviously.) I have been to the ER three times in the last year because of unexplained extreme nausea which usually occurs at night. I also have acid reflux which I know is because I smoke. In fact, I did not sleep last night because of it. I just got tested for Lyme but have not gotten the results. Your post has given me hope that I will get better with treatment!

  3. Hi, Congrats on getting us/you on 20/20! I've had Lyme for 3 years now, got the initial Cipro/3weeks treatment and curbed the initial attack that had me on my hands and knees on the sidewalk from the joint pain.

    But it came back a year later so I read about 250 research articles and came to the conclusion that I needed to use my Degree in sub-cellular biological chemistry to create my own 'protocol' for the chronic Lyme.

    When my joints hurt or my neck gets painfully stiff I take Doxycycline...just one. Pain goes away.

    When i get headaches and brain fog I take Minocyclene and Tindomax...just one of each, pain goes away, head clears up.

    When I get 'tingly' skin, arhymethia, and ragged nerves I take Minocyclene, Tindamax, and Bactrin together, one of each. Everything clears up.

    In all my years of studying bacteria, this one has more tricks than all the others put together as far as survival techniques it uses to hide from abx's and the immune system. The more you attack it with one thing, the deeper it hides in your body until it senses all ok to come out again.

    Less is more as far as treatments go with this bug!

    I work full time, ride bikes and motorcycles, and am 63 years old. Never felt better on the good days which are most days with this protocol. Only 2 or 3 days a month when some small symptom starts up again at which time I apply the appropriate dosages.

    1. Will, thanks for this write-up. It makes sense. Is it still working for you? If so, lemme know, if you tweaked it, let me know, Please!!

  4. I am coming on year 4 after a devastating Guillain Barre which had me paralyzed. For 3 months..walker...crutches...sometimes baby steps. Just the other day I got to look still what I thought was a spider bite and saw the target. Perfect match for Lymes. I have quite a bit of a Doxycycline . Started it because my doc is on vacation. Do you know...what are the crazy odds of this happening? I feel like giving up after years of pushing myself. God! Why? 68 married 47 years, 7 is a nurse. Her kids may have brought it into this location. We don't have them here in E Washington State.

    1. Ticks as well as Lyme is actually worldwide, everywhere, affecting everyone of every age with every symptoms imaginable in the craziest ways and in every part of the body. New research is looking into the idea of mosquitoes and fleas carrying Lyme. We know they carry the bacteria, but can it transmit? In time we will know, but very likely you have Lyme or coinfections of it.


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